Yesterday’s Snow Storm

snow storm

We are in the midst of a snow storm right now. Earlier today, when it just started to snow, Jesse took the girls up to our roof and they played in the snow. A snow ball fight has been a topic of a discussion since yesterday afternoon when they found out it might snow today. So the girls were pretty excited about playing in/with the snow. Here is a short video of girls playing.

First Snow

first snow

Sunday morning with Dad


I took Eva to the Children’s Museum yesterday. We went with her friend form preschool and the girls had a lot of fun running around.

at the children's museum

Disney World Trip

We started our trip by waiting at the airport for two hours for our plane which was delayed. We had dinner as soon as we got their and before we got on the plane the girls had their first Starbucks hot chocolate. Very exciting! :-)


eva choco

emma choco

It was after 1 am when we finally made it to our hotel room and went straight to sleep. Thankfully the girls got up at 8 am instead of their usual 6 am, so we were relatively rested. Breakfast was the first thing on our list and then we were off to Magic Kingdom.


magic kingdom

in the stroller

First we watched some singing and dancing.


Then the girls wanted to get autograph books so all the characters they meet would sign in them. We saw these books on our last trip but figured the kids were still a bit too young for those but gave in this time. As soon as the books we opened we ran into Alice (from Alice in Wonderland) and right before it was our turn the White Rabbit joined her.

alice and white rabbit

After the excitement of meeting Alice and the White Rabbit the girls wanted to go on the Goofy’s Roller coaster, which is their favorite ride.

on the roller coaster

on the rollercoaster

After the roller coaster every one wanted to go ans see Mickey and Minnie. It took almost an hour but we did it.

girls with mickey and minnie

all of us with the mice

The next ones on the list were the Princesses: Cinderella, Belle and Sleeping Beauty.



sleeping beauty

Next we got on everyone’s favorite ride – It’s a Small World. :-) The girls sat in front all by themselves and really enjoyed it.

it's a small worl





After that we had a quick lunch and went back to our hotel for a rest. It was a nice day so we decided it would be nice to go for a dip in the pool.

pool time

After the pool and a pizza for dinner we were ready for more Magic Kingdom. By the time we got there it was already dark and the park looked really nice with the Halloween lights and decorations everywhere.

cinderella's castle


We didn’t stay too long. The girls wanted to go on the roller coaster again ( a few times), then on to the Dumbo ride (Eva’s favorite) and the Peter Pan ride. The wait for Peter Pan was the longest. We were all ready to go back to the hotel after that, but not before some cotton candy.

cotton candy

Instead of the monorail we took a boat back to the hotel and it turned out to be a lot faster. As we were walking to our building the fireworks over Cinderella’s castle started so we stopped to watch them. What a show! Even with out hearing the music that accompanies it, it was spectacular!



Since it was a really packed day the girls went to sleep right away. Of course it was much later than their usual bed time as well.

The next day started the same way as the first. We slept in until 8 am (the kids never sleep that late at home), then breakfast and off to Magic Kingdom.

Would you like to guess the first ride the girls went for? That’s right – Goofy’s Roller Coaster. While they did that I went to check out what the wait time was to see the Fairies. 60 minutes it said. I got i line and shortly the girls and Jesse joined me. It really was an hour before we got to see the Fairies. This time there were only two Fairies: Tinkerbell and Rosetta. Usually there are three.



After this excitement the girls wanted to get their faces painted. Eva picked “Toontown girl” face and Emma picked “Cinderella.”

face painting

That night we were coming back to the park for Mickey’s Spooktacular Not So Scary Halloween so the girls needed (wanted) costumes. We spent some time shopping for that and after that was carousel time. Especially since their was no line up at all.


Then lunch and a trip “Under the Sea” to visit Arielle.



Winnie the Pooh was on the agenda next so we did that and after went to the hotel for a bit of rest before the Halloween party in the evening.

winnie the pooh

We don’t have many photos from our trick-or-treating but it was a lot of fun. Only people who had tickets to the even were allowed at the park so it wasn’t too crowded. There were decorations everywhere and there treat stations set up where you got candy. There were also dance party stations set up with a dj and different characters entertaining the kids. At the end their was an awesome fireworks show.

all dressed up


hula hoops


treat trails

dance party

dance party

The next morning we were heading back to NYC. It was an early wake up and we were still tired from the night before. Thankfully our flight was on time so we didn’t have to hang around the airport for a long time. The flight was uneventful, we had a car waiting for us when we landed and it took us home. We were very happy to be home and Spot was even happier. It was a great trip and the girls are already planing what they will do at Disney World the next time we go there.

Fall Colours

pumpkin patch

Rooftop dancing

Deno’s Wonder Wheel

This past Tuesday Eva went on an annual school trip to Deno’s Wonder Wheel at Coney Island. Last year Jesse went with Emma and this year he got to go again with Eva. Both had a blast. After a few hours on the rides there was pizza lunch followed by ice cream and then everyone went to the beach and played in the sand. Here are some of the pictures from that trip.

bus ride


with jesse

on a fire truck

on the whale

rocket ship

flying elephant

ice cream



Little Dancers