A long over-due update

This is a looooong overdue post. I realized that I haven’t updated the site on almost 3 months now. I am going to try and make an excuse and say I’ve been busy. :-)

So a few things have happened in these couple of months. the first one is that my mom and I took the girls to Israel to see my side of the family. I haven’t been there since 1998 and it was time to go for a visit. The girls have never seen any of my family in person (they have seen photos) and I really wanted them to meet my relatives. It was a really good trip. The girls met their cousins and great-aunts and uncles and their great-grandma.

the girls and babulya

We all had a wonderful time. The girls played with their cousins and everyone understood each other. Somehow not speaking the same language was not an issue. :-)Emma and Eva even picked up a little Russian.

A couple of weeks before our trip we found a new apartment. While we were away Jesse moved us into the new place. The new apartment is great! It’s in the same building as our old one, so we didn’t move far, but it’s much bigger and it has a huge terrace. The girls learned to ride their bikes (without the training wheels) on it a couple of weekends ago. So for the past couple of weeks we’ve been settling in, getting back into our routine and spending a lot of time (weather permitting) on our terrace.

Emma and Eva on the deck

And this past few days the girls have been a having a lot of fun with their Auntie Karma and Sadie who came to visit and help celebrate Emma’s birthday this Saturday. The girls had no idea they were coming and were very surprised. It’s been great having them here. We are really looking forward to go to Victoria in the summer and hanging out with everyone there for two months.

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