A couple of weeks ago Emma was in a talent show at her school. She and two of her classmates sang their schools song. No photos from that night (they were on stage for just a couple of minutes) but here is a video. Enjoy!

Here is a video from Jamaica. It was a Karaoke night at Kids’ Klub. The kids and the parents had a great time.

Last week was observation week at the ballet school where the girls take lessons. Observation week is the only time parents are allowed in the classroom and are able to take photos and videos so here a couple of videos of the girls. Enjoy.

We are in the midst of a snow storm right now. Earlier today, when it just started to snow, Jesse took the girls up to our roof and they played in the snow. A snow ball fight has been a topic of a discussion since yesterday afternoon when they found out it might snow today. […]

Rooftop dancing

Little Dancers

The cat tamer

Swimming in Seattle


Fun on the Lake