Here is a video from Jamaica. It was a Karaoke night at Kids’ Klub. The kids and the parents had a great time.

Happy 2010, everyone!! 2009 was a great year for us. We went to Disney World twice and had a wonderful time. The girls and I spent two months in B.C. visiting family and friends. It was amazing and we really hope that we can do the same in the summer of 2010. In September Eva […]

Disney World Trip

We started our trip by waiting at the airport for two hours for our plane which was delayed. We had dinner as soon as we got their and before we got on the plane the girls had their first Starbucks hot chocolate. Very exciting! It was after 1 am when we finally made it to […]

Swimming in Seattle


Home, sweet home.

And we are back in New York. We spent the last two days of our vacation in Seattle, WA. Originally we planned to drive to Vancouver and spend a night there and then drive to Seattle for the last night. At the last minute we changed our mind and drove to Seattle from Lake Cowichan. […]

Fun on the Lake

We are having a wonderful time here at the lake. The girls are having so much fun playing and swimming with their cousins. They spend their days swimming in the lake and/or hut tub (mostly in the hot tub since the water in it is really warm). Today, while eating her lunch, Emma asked me […]

It’s been a fun week. We rented a house outside of Victoria and that was a lot nicer than staying at a hotel. Especially since the house was big enough for us to have visitors. We had all the cousins here pretty much every day and they absolutely loved playing together. The first words out […]

Vacation Update

This trip has been super fun. In the past couple of weeks we went camping twice. The first time was the very first time that the girls and I have gone camping. Jesse, of course, has done it before. We really enjoyed it. And what’s not too enjoy: we spent all of our time outdoors. […]