Snow storm

Here are a few photos of today’s snow storm. It’s still snowing right now and is suppose to snow through the night, although it should stop by the morning. Our mayor is optimistic and public schools are open tomorrow so Emma will be back at school.

This is what the moon looks like tonight out of our living room window.

Spring IS coming to NYC

View from window this morning

A couple of videos from Eva’s gymnastics class. Enjoy.

We have a new ‘gymnast’ in our house. Emma’s been saying that she wants to do gymnastics for a while now and we finally signed her up for it. Last Sunday was her first class. Emma was looking forward to going since we told her that we signed her up and I was worried that […]

Thursday Eva went to her pre-preschool class. It’s an hour and a half class that is structured just like a typical preschool day and it teaches little ones and caregivers to separate from each other. Something that both Eva and I need to learn. At first Eva wanted me right there with her, which is […]

Dancing Wednesday

Today the girls went to their new ballet class. I was told that I couldn’t stay in the room during class (I was able to do that previously) so Eva and I had a little talk at home. She knew that I would have to stay outside and surprisingly was ok with that. Thankfully there […]

Musical Tuesday

This morning the girls and I went to our new music class, Music Together. The girls really enjoyed themselves. It’s a change from the music class we used to go to but it’s a change for the better. Tomorrow we are off to our new ballet class, a class where I won’t be allowed to […]

Happy second week of September! Wow, I can’t believe it’s already the second week of the month. Pretty soon it’ll be December and we’ll be getting ready for Hawaii. We really can’t wait for that but for now we’ll keep ourselves busy with a variety of activities all of which are starting this week. The […]